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Chapter 32 is now available. Thank you for patiently waiting. :)

Just a few decor/random outtakes. Hoping to have the chapter posted tomorrow evening.

Reagan Leeds: Run The World

More previews. Playing in Reagan’s child game file for her flashback. Rea and Ken got their ice cream and took off on their bikes. Had fun trying out the World of Wonder I bought from the store yesterday. 

*The big day, getting a much needed massage

*Time for a mani/pedi

*Reagan opts to have Bri do her hair and makeup 

99% done w/ the pics (yaaaahhhh), just need to go back and take a couple more. 

Reagan Leeds: Run The World


More rehearsal dinner previews and outtakes. Of course that actual wedding is at a different location and will look nothing like this. 

The wedding planner, Bailey is giving directions to everyone in the wedding party. Rea and Jay look so happy.

 SN, Aubrey was trying to hit on Jade, but it didn’t look like she was feeling him.

(Of course this is out of order because Rea and Ray will walk last)

Reagan Leeds: Run The World


Rehearsal Dinner random outtakes and previews, mostly unedited

This is not a representation of the actual ceremony. The wedding party needed to rehearse. Bailey directs everyone.

(Of course this is out of order because Rea and Ray will walk last)

Reagan Leeds: Run The World


Just an update. I finally finished shooting both the wedding and reception. It wouldn’t have taken me so long if my game wasn’t crashing. Ninety percent of the scenes are done. Making another build for another scene. Anyhoo, I’m happy its near ready to post. :)

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*ReaNJay love

*family time

*Aubrey hits on Jade at the rehearsal dinner
*Jay kisses Reagan goodbye the night before the wedding

*sister 2 sister

*hanging out w/ the family the night before the wedding

Reagan Leeds: Run The World

Hope to get it posted next week, finally finished Reagan’s wedding and reception scenes.


Finally finished taking pics of the wedding and reception (big sigh). Not too much else to do. Playing in the Miami world makes me want to watch my Miami Vice DVDs lol. 


*Chillin with the girls

*Bailey. SN, I love playing w/ Bailey. I created him specifically to be the wedding planner. I love to dress him, his style is so different than my other guys, so I can have a bit more fun getting him dressed. He’s very quirky.

*Beach love

*Family dinner

*Rehearsal dinner outtakes

(didn’t help my progress as my game crashed a few times)

The next chapter is quite long, even for one of my chapters. Since I’m not splitting it, it’s about the size of three of my regular chapters. I still have a lot of editing and figuring out which pics I want to use. I also need to shoot a few more scenes.  Should have everything posted next week. Happy Simming

Reagan Leeds: Run The World

Have to delay the next chapter another week due to r/l. Hope to post next week. Happy Simming.

Delaying Next Chapter

Sorry I haven’t been able to post Reagan’s wedding chapter. Due to real life and not feeling too well, I haven’t been able to work on it as much. It’s an important chapter. There’s a lot going on so its taking me longer than usual. I’m adding a few more things to the chapter to enhance it as well. It’s nearly finished, I just hate to rush anything. Hoping to get it posted next week. Thanks for…

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Some of the guests/family for the wedding. I’m going for softer colors in their attire. Kinda of want it to have more of a  tropical feel to it. SN peep Marlon’s and Marcus’s Miami Vice like suits. LOL

*Taylor, Aoki, Auntie Christie Leeds, and Shaina.

More previews.

In her flashback, Reagan is comforted by Nani Manique (Grandma) when other kids in the family tease her because of her red hair. Nani tells Reagan she is special because she and Reagan are the only ones in the family with red hair.

Reagan Leeds: Run The World

This chapter has taken me longer than I thought initially. I haven’t been able to work on it as much as I wanted to. I have made a couple builds and edited a few lots to my liking. The main build I made is the reception lot. I’m still designing it and getting everything together and to fuse different design styles into the look

There’s a lot going on and several family members on both sides. Jay’s grandparents who live in Japan are coming to the wedding and a few other people in his family as well as Reagan’s.  Thankfully, in the future chapters I won’t have to dress as many Sims. LOL

Late Replies

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    is that dreads mesh from the island ep?
  2. Yes, its from IP. There are a few Simmers that have converted them for base game, I can’t think of the exact names right now, but I can check when I get the chance.
  1. classytreasure said: This is so cute! How did you get them like that? 
  2. Thank you! I just used a few different couple poses. Well, Kennedey and Ray are not a couple, but rather father and daughter, so their pose  doesn’t look romantic. 

Sorry for the late replies, I have been knee deep in this chapter. Thanks